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The Bourne Stream Partnership 2000-2007

 The Partnership


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Environment Agency

Borough of Poole

Bournemouth Borough Council

Wessex Water


Bournemouth University

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Bournemouth Oceanarium

Dorset Coast Forum

Strategic Objectives

Vision Statement

"Through a consortium of stakeholders working together in partnership and pooling financial resources, expertise and communication networks, to improve the quality of life and environmental quality for people through sustainable development in the Bourne stream catchment"

The Partnership achieves this vision through strategic objectives based on three key themes:

Objective 1

Quality of Life: to develop existing public access to the stream for leisure activities to improve the quality of life for people living and working in the area.

Specific objectives Baseline Future Measure

To develop a Bourne stream trail

To assess public attitude & use  

Public access at various points

Limited cycle access

Greenlink plan for cycle route

Limited public consultation  

Improved public access for all through integrated cycle and walk trail

Full public consultation  

Walk/cycleway trail with information leaflet and boards completed

Public attitude & use surveys  

Objective 2

Sustainable Development: to educate and involve people and businesses in the area with the project about their impact on the environment and how they can adopt sustainable development measures to minimise this impact.

Specific objectives Baseline Future Measure

To promote source protection measures, including SUDS

To promote sustainable resource use

To educate the public & industry about their impact on the environment and what they can do minimise this impact  

Ad hoc (Notable example of source protection (Talbot Heath) but not the ‘norm’)

Statutory consultees provide guidance to LA planning committees

Ad hoc education initiatives  

Planning authorities enforce measures supported by statutory consultees

Pollution prevention campaigns

Education strategy implemented

Local businesses encouraged to join waste minimisation group  

Source protection measures where appropriate should be the first consideration for all existing and new developments before resorting to more “traditional” drainage methods

Attitude surveys of public & local businesses

No change in flood risk

Number of pollution incidents

School projects, e.g. drain stencilling

University project outputs  

Objective 3

Environmental Quality: to promote sustainable development in the catchment to maintain and/or improve environmental quality.

Specific objectives Baseline Future Measure

To develop in-stream SUDS to improve habitat & water quality

To investigate stream water quality to ensure address all issues in the catchment  

Monitoring undertaken by separate organisations with no co-ordination of this work

Water quality data collected and partly analysed

No stream chemical or biological water quality target

Bathing water ‘I’ compliant

Stream flows uncharacterised

Ad hoc in-stream improvements

Ad hoc habitat & biodiversity surveys (SSSI well characterised)

Information held by various organisations in various formats, e.g. drainage plans

Gully pots and dog faeces recognised as contributors to diffuse pollution of stream

Inputs to stream not characterised  

Monitoring strategy implemented which will include data collection and analysis for a range of environmental indicators

Desk top study of water quality

Achieve chemical & biological water quality targets

Achieve Bathing Water ‘G’ compliance

Stream flows characterised

River habitat surveys completed to give full coverage

River corridor surveys completed to provide targeted wildlife enhancement recommendations

Biodiversity action plan implemented

Central database containing all information available to all

At least two in-stream SUDS

Increase gully pot cleaning during summer months

Enforce dog fouling by-laws

Major inputs identified, prioritised and investigated  

Analyse and report monitoring data

Report on study and recommendations for future work

Central database containing information

In-steam SUDS complete

University project outputs

Council records

CCTV work

Up to date drainage plans  


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