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The Bourne Stream Partnership

Bourne Valley Wildlife Fun Day

Saturday 15th July 2006

At Scott Road pond (on the field at the end of Scott Road, Wallisdown)

Residents and more than 100 children of the upper Bourne Valley enjoyed another hot, sunny & eventful day by the stream learning about the wildlife on their doorstep.

Entertainments included mask- and badge-making and story-telling.  There were live spiders, butterflies and other bugs to look at and learn about, and children took part in a competition to design a new logo for the Bourne Valley Nature Reserve - the winner to be announced soon.

The hugely popular pond dipping with the Hi-Tech Wild Trek Trailer found an impressive 29 aquatic species living in Scott Road pond - and that's 12 months after the pollution event that killed hundreds of fish (species list below)

And good news about fish too, following the industrial poisoning at the pond in July 2005 we were delighted to see hundreds if not thousands of fish fry in the ponds and stream! 

Scott Road Pond species list:

  • Smooth Newt

  • Greater Water Boatman

  • Lesser Water Boatman

  • Mayfly

  • Hog Louse

  • Diving Beetle Larva

  • Fish Fry

  • Water-flea (Daphnia)

  • Dragonfly nymph - Darter

  • Dragonfly nymph - Chaser

  • Dragonfly nymph - Golden-ringed

  • Dragonfly nymph - other

  • Damselfly nymph

  • Ramshorn Snail

  • Freshwater Shrimp

  • Leech Erpobdella

  • Flatworm

  • Orb Shell

  • Great Pond Snail

  • Midge

  • Screech Beetle

  • Pond Skater

  • Water Stick-insect

  • Bloodworm

  • Sludge Worm

  • Caddis

  • Diving Beetle

  • Bladder Snail

  • Wandering Snail

Organised by Kate Mitchell, Bourne Valley Ranger. 

Supported & part-funded by English Nature

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