Bourne Valley Park

Bourne Valley Park


Project Working Group

The Project Working Group was formed in December 2005.  It comprises 14 local residents and 9 council officers/community workers. 

The group will work together to inform and support project aims and progress, and ensure it continues to meet local needs and expectations.


Mr Norman Reid

Mrs Linda Eaton

Mr Brian Marlow

Mr Michael Barker

Mr Peter Knight

Mr Tony Percik

Ms Julie Packwood

Mrs Patricia Hanley

Mrs Linda Cutler

Mr Bob Heape

Mr Leslie Payne

Mr Bob Rodger

Mrs Turner

Mr Alan Dobson

Community workers & council officers - and what they say about the project

Sarah Austin

Project Officer, Bourne Stream Partnership

Kate Mitchell

Borough of Poole (BoP) Bourne Valley Ranger

Jo Brightwell

BoP Community Liaison Officer

Ian Cooke

BoP Anti-Social Behaviour Liaison Officer

Sarah Evans-Johnson

BoP Youth Worker, Bourne Valley Youth Centre

Marianne Scahill

BoP Arts in the Community Officer

Michelle Cooke

Director of Community Learning, Rossmore Community College

Sgt. Colin Smith

Dorset Police Bourne Valley Beat Team

Marianne Lambourne

Head of Adult & Older People's Services, Poole Primary Care Trust, Alderney Hospital

The group is essentially non-political.  Ward Councillors (Alderney and Newtown Wards) will however be invited to attend key meetings to ensure they are aware of our plans and direction and to avoid any conflict of interest.

What They Say:

NB: letters of support refer to 'Alderney Recreation Ground' which has since been renamed 'Bourne Valley Park'

Joanna Brightwell

Community Liaison Officer

Borough of Poole Housing & Community Services

"The proposals for the Alderney Recreation Ground area as outlined by the Bourne Stream Partnership I believe would provide many benefits for the area.

- By reinstating the stream, creating new habitats and a viewpoint the area would be improved aesthetically which will help to improve perception of the area as a valuable habitat and open space, rather than a piece of 'wasteland'.

- Providing footpaths, lighting and seating will make the area more usable and improve people's perception of it as a safe and appealing place to walk or play. Creating a space the community can be proud of will improve community ownership and usage.

- The creation of a fishing lake will create diversionary activities for young people and by giving them activities based in the Alderney Recreation Ground they will feel involved and responsible for the space.

- Consultation with the community at every stage of this proposal ensures the community feel their views are being listened to and they have input into the development of the site.

The formation of a working group consisting of different agencies, officers and residents gives strength to this proposal as a number of different views and the different problems faced in the area are being represented. The proposal has been examined from the point of view of different specialisms.

From the point of view of Community Development, involving people in this project could be the catalyst for further community involvement and consultation. Getting residents involved in the development of the Alderney Recreation Ground could therefore lead on to further benefits to the local community.

The Recreation Ground has the potential to be a focal point for a disparate community and a tangible improvement in the environment may galvanise residents into action with other schemes."


Marianne Scahill

Arts in the Community Officer

Borough of Poole

"The improvements planned for the Alderney Recreation Ground are crucial to the future stability and social cohesion of the communities that rely on it. The proposed changes will not only develop the physical environment, but by involving the communities in the development stages, a real sense of pride and ownership of the space will be fostered by groups and individuals alike, which will in turn translate into how the site is used and maintained in the future.

This work can ONLY happen with a strong partnership from councils, schools, communities, agencies and providers - as support will be needed from all if the project is to succeed. As a group we can bring a wide variety of skills and resources to the programme, to achieve a careful balance between the environmental needs of the site, the social uses of it, and also the way people feel about where they live.

In my role as Arts in the Community Officer I would see this project as a gateway to future arts events and festivals which could take place on the site, using this safe and communal space for all members of the community to participate in the arts."


Sarah Evans-Johnson

Youth Worker

Bourne Valley Youth Centre, Alderney

"The changes planned for Alderney Recreation Ground will enhance this exciting site by encouraging people to access the area, the stream (a focal point) and will provide a point of interest for many especially the children and young people who have worked on the site and have already expressed an interest in a pond and flowing water.

From the youth workers perspective the children and young people have been and will be in a position to voice their opinions and contribute to decision making within their community. The practical tasks they are involved with have raised their awareness of local history, knowledge of wildlife and conservation; this has taught them new skills, challenged stereotypes of environmentalism and enabled them to access the correct information about why they/ we should manage the land.

The involvement of young people in the practical work, and consultation on the site will hopefully continue across the generations through the youth club provision, This has only come about through partnership working  - due to the complex involvement of other organisations and agencies with that have an interest in the land."  


Michelle Cooke

Director of Community Learning

Rossmore Community College

At Rossmore Community College we are continually looking for new and effective ways to engage with our young people and local community. Meaningful community engagement can be particularly hard to achieve we live in a complex area, and it can be difficult to motivate many of our youngsters to participate in active citizenship.

Regeneration of the Alderney Recreation Ground provides an excellent opportunity for our young people and families to determine the future of our local environment, something which is particularly important to many local people. The cultural background of many of our students affords them with a particular affinity to the land. Channelling their energies towards having a direct impact on the local area will be of huge benefit, both for the environment and for the young people.

Evidence shows that many of our young people will remain in the immediate area. And it is vital to gain their long-term participation to ensure success and "ownership" of the area.

Collectively we are developing a number of projects which will result in our young people having a direct impact on the area. Our projects span both formal and informal curriculum areas, and Alderney Rec will provide an invaluable resource for the school and community to carry out further joint programmes.

It is only with the support from local community groups, such as the Bourne Stream Partnership, that we can successfully develop projects which will have such a long-term impact. Regeneration of Alderney Rec provides an excellent opportunity for our students and families to invest in their own future, and create an environment of which they can proud.


Sergeant Colin Smith

Bourne Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team

Dorset Police

"In my role as Sergeant of the Neighbourhood Policing Team for Bourne Valley, I am responsible for addressing the medium and long-term problems of the area. Two of the issues, which cause the highest number of complaints to the policing team are:

1. The illegal riding of motorcycles on the Common and Recreation Ground. This has been the situation for a number of years, despite the best efforts of various agencies to address the problem, which have included adding physical obstacles to the points of entry to prevent bikes being taken on the Common, going into schools to educate youngsters, enforcement of the law, including the issue of Section 59 Notices under the Crime and Disorder Act and even the seizure of the bikes.

2. Deliberate arson attacks on the Heathland. Dorset Police have an operational order which comes into force every year to tackle this problem. It encompasses all of the Heaths and open land in the Borough of Poole, which emphasises the extent of the problem.

Alderney Recreation Ground is a fantastic open space, which at this time, is only seen as a problem area, dumping ground and source of anti-social behaviour.

I believe the proposals present, for the first time, a long term and coherent solution to some of these problems. This development can succeed by engaging the local community and encouraging them to take ownership and an interest in the area, especially the youngsters who have the most to gain from this. With the involvement of so many agencies, interested parties and the will to take this project forward I believe it can achieve it's aims for the benefit of the whole community.

In the long term, with the appropriate safeguards and crime prevention measures built in, I would expect there to be an overall reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour in the area and an improvement in the quality of life for local residents."

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