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The Projects - Bourne Valley Park 2003-2007

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Fishing at Bourne Valley Park

  • Visit this link for information about fishing at Alder Hills Nature Reserve (at the end of Sharp Road)

The small fishing lake at Bourne Valley Park is intended for local young people (up to the age of about 16 yrs) as an introduction to angling, an opportunity for them to learn & develop angling skills alongside peers and mentors.

The fishery will be managed by Poole's Leisure Services with help from knowledgeable local residents.  It's neither large nor challenging enough for experienced, competitive anglers, and they are not encouraged unless The lake.  Click on image to enlarge itaccompanied by or helping to coach inexperienced anglers. 

Parent/carer and child groups are very welcome to fish together.

The lake was excavated in September 2006 and left to settle and 'mature' before it was stocked in October 2007.  It is fed by natural springs, groundwater and rainwater; only during very heavy rainstorms will the Bourne Stream overflow into it.  Water levels are controlled by an outlet pipe.

Two submerged islands created in the lake have become vegetated and will provide a refuge for fish.

About 500 young rudd and carp are making a home of the lake, the largest of which were between 8-10" when released.  It is important for your future enjoyment that these fish are given the chance to grow and to reproduce, so please, whatever you catch - put it back!

Two wooden fishing platforms have been provided, and earth 'ramps' created from the upper level to the lower terrace to allow access by wheelchair users.

The lake edges slope gently to a depth in the centre of the lake of about Click here to locate the lake (opens in a new window)1.5-2m.  Anyone entering it should easily be able to climb out again, but

please remember, any body of water presents an element of risk. 

Act responsibly, be safe.


There is no vehicle access to the lake.  It is accessible on foot from the end of Evering Avenue, Turbary Close or via a passageway between homes at Monkton Crescent.  A longer walk through the field is from the end of Berkeley Avenue.  Postcode BH12.

Respect the fish, respect the environment

Users are urged to learn how to handle fish when returning them to the water - you can contact Sarah if you'd like some angling tips or coaching.

No barbed hooks!  They are unnecessarily harmful to the fish. 

Please don't litter the area, pollute the water in any way or discard fishing line or hooks at the site.  Don't net the fish; the only net you should be using is a landing net.

Fish stocks have been purchased from a reputable source and required an Environment Agency Section 30 Consent.  They have been health checked.  Disease can be carried even by apparently healthy fish and could wipe out the entire fishery, so please don't be tempted to add any more to the lake!

No permit required

The lake has been created and stocked courtesy of the Environment Agency's Angling Participation Projects funding, and the fishery is managed by local volunteers.  Fishing here is free of charge - no permit required.

Allan Frake from the Environment Agency says: "The Agency is very keen to promote angling as a healthy outdoor activity.  We were delighted to work with the partnership in providing angling facilities particularly for youngsters and looks forward to having coaching sessions so that they can not only learn how to catch and handle fish properly but learn about the aquatic environment as well'

Click on image to link to the EA's Rod Licence pageDo you need a Rod Licence?

A rod licence is required for any angler aged 12 yrs or older.

Rod licences can be purchased online at the Environment Agency's website, from The Telesales Service on 0870 1662 662, or from any Post Office.  An annual Junior Rod Licence (for 12-16 yr olds) will cost just 5.00 and is valid from 1st April - 31st March of any year.

Failure to provide a valid Environment Agency rod licence when asked could result in prosecution (maximum fine 2,500).

Questions, comments, suggestions or problems?

Please contact the Project Officer, Sarah Austin

Email: s.austin@poole.gov.uk

Tel: 01202 261325 (direct line)

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