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The Projects - Bourne Valley Park 2003-2007

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Change of Name from Alderney Recreation Ground

Part way through the project it was clear the time had come for a change of name for Alderney Recreation Ground.

'Recreation ground' implied sports/play facilities - something that had been missing from the space for some time.  The shortened version 'rec' might bring to mind 'wreck' which isn't particularly attractive. 

Several residents came up with proposals which we published here, together with a few of our own suggestions, and we asked you to let us know what you think by voting online or by post/telephone.

Voting Results

Voting on the extended selection of 13 names ended on 31st January 2007.  By far the most popular choices were:

  • Alderney Manor Park (28% of the vote) and

  • Bourne Valley Park (18%). 

  • Equal third came Alderney Park and Manor Park, each with 10% of the vote.

We then reduced the selection to three (Alderney Manor Park, Bourne Valley Park and 'no change') and votes were made for a further 6 months:

  • Bourne Valley Park became the front runner with 52% of the vote overall

  • Alderney Manor Park achieved 43%. 

  • Only 5% of voters requested no change.

Voting finally ended on 31st July 2007 and the change to Bourne Valley Park was agreed by local Ward Councillors.

About the Project • Fishing at the Park • Project Diary Phase 1 • Project Diary Phase 2

Change of Name • Footpaths • Fun Day 2006 • Contact List

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